Spring into Balance

Happy first day of Spring!
The vernal equinox or first day of spring is the day on the astronomical calendar where, based on the earth’s orbit of the sun, the length of day and night are nearly balanced around the globe.
Balance is important in many elements of nature. Many earth science theorists believe that earth exists in homeostasis. This means that a small change in some factor will be offset by a countering factor that will bring the element back into balance with the rest of the ecosystem. An example of this is the balance between herbivores and the vegetation they eat or the balance in the atmospheric gases to accommodate the habitability of the earth.
A business ecosystem may be viewed in much the same manner. When a balanced focus between results and relationships exists, the business is set up to thrive within the competitive marketplace. However, when a leader focuses exclusively on results, the ecosystem may tumble into chaos and find it is no longer competitive. Employees who feel neglected, unappreciated and unheard whether consciously or unconsciously become the toxic gases in the business ecosystem. This can undermine the organization’s ability to exist in the competitive environment. Many of us have experienced this chaotic atmosphere in our careers and possibly have instigated the disequilibrium as leaders overcome with the pressure to meet targets.

Here are three ways to bring your business into balance if you feel the focus between results and people is skewed.
1. Start by making the connections that are missing. This is about fertilizing relationships with respect, curiosity, and the willingness to listen first.
2. Invite the team to the solutions table rather than handing them a mandate.
3. Set goals that are a road map to success rather than unattainable objectives that crush enthusiasm and create a toxic atmosphere of anxiety and discontent.
As we enjoy the first day of Spring, ask yourself whether what you are doing promotes balance and growth in your business or whether your focus lacks balance and is creating chaos.

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