Are You Planted in the Right Soil?

The beautiful spring daffodil is a hearty flower that will bloom year after year. To do this, it requires the right climate and the right bulb anatomy according to the American Society of Daffodils.  Yep, that’s right. There is an American Society of Daffodils. Who knew?

Even when it is in its embryonic state, the bulb contains all the essential parts of the flower. It is complete. Much like us, the flower is formed with everything it needs to flourish if it is in the right environment. When I coach people, I rely on this knowledge. Every person has everything they need to flourish inside of them. If they are planted in the right soil they will thrive. Do an inventory to determine if you are in a culture that feeds you and helps you flourish or one that is toxic to you.

Answer the next 10 questions to determine if you are in toxic soil.

  1. Do you feel comfortable being yourself? Or are you constantly trying to behave “like the guy/gal in the next cube?”
  2. Do you feel that you and others can speak up? Or are you/others afraid to do so for fear of ridicule or retribution?
  3. Do you feel empowered to do your job? Or are you micro-managed and policy plagued?
  4. Do you find yourself nodding when you listen to the boss speak about the future of the company? Or do you feel twinges of discomfort based on the words, tone or expressions he/she uses?
  5. Do you see people walking the talk of the company values? Or do you get the sense that the values were a box to be checked and aren’t guiding behavior?
  6. Do you feel heard and appreciated? Or do you feel like a wallflower?
  7. Are you comfortable and energized when discharging your responsibilities? Or are you constantly walking on eggshells?
  8. Do you feel like you are a cast member in the Game of Thrones? Or are you valued for what you bring to the table regardless of title?
  9. Is the watercooler the only place that frank discussion happens? Or are people encouraged to have healthy debate about ideas in meetings?
  10. Do you feel that you can trust those you work with? Or do you feel that you always need to watch your back?

Based on your answers, ask yourself if you are planted in the right soil.  If not, it may be time to create a new plan and take the right action to ensure you will thrive.

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